To my highly esteemed piano sensei,

Thank you so much for your hard work and patience in teaching me and all your other students!

My husband and I thoroughly enjoyed attending your studio’s piano recital on Sunday.

Your students reflect well on you and your teachers.  I was inspired by their determination to do their best in their performances.

I could see that some were naturally musically talented, while others loved music and were making a sincere effort to do well.

The recital reminded me of Olympic athletes.  When the students faltered, they did not give up and walk off the stage.  Instead, they picked up where they left off and continued to the end of their piece.

I love my lessons and time that I play at home!  I do get frustrated sometimes when I practice and practice and still do not master the piece 100%.  However, I believe that is the nature of the learning process for adults, in general.  Our minds are not “empty tablets,” like those of children.  So, please continue to be patient with us, as we continue on our individual musical journey.

Again, thank you for the invitation to experience a piano recital as a member of the audience.


Your humble student, Amy