Ear Training

We provide ear training at the end of each lesson.

Group or Individual Lessons

We teach students of all ages, with different lessons types for different budgets and goals.

Top-of-the-line Equipment

We use only the best equipment in our studio: Quality Yamaha pianos and a beautiful Boston Grand.

Annual Recital

Our annual performance recital helps to make your learning goals real. And it's great experience!

Proven Results

Individual progress tracking and personalized practice/homework assignments for each student.

Individualized Instruction

Piano instruction is custom-tailored to the individual ability of each student.

Music Fundamentals

Learn the fundamentals of piano, like reading sheet music, counting on meter, etc. Teaching is never "learn by ear."


  • Parents and kids learn together

  • Live piano music at all RYTHMIQUE sessions

    Ms. Nobu familiarizes students with piano at an early age with live accompaniment.

  • RYTHMIQUE kids dance to learn

    Children learn to count in 4/4 time using dance.

  • Semi-private lessons, 2 students

    In semi-private classes, two students share a lesson and enjoy individualized instruction.

  • Top-of-the-line pianos

    Enjoy some of the best in-studio pianos on Oahu, including our beautiful Boston Grand.

  • A beautiful, modern studio

    Even the waiting room is nice at Nobu's Pearl City studio.

  • Nobu works with students one-on-one

    Nobu takes time to assess the skill level of each student to custom-tailor lesson plans.

  • Nobu’s students featured on OC16

    Nobu's students were featured on Tiny TV, a statewide television show on OC16.

  • Focused private lessons

    Our creative students love working with Mr. Jensen. He specializes in transcribing and teaching popular music.



  • New Piano Student needed!
    Apr04Comments 0

    New Piano Student needed!

    Looking for a new piano student for a Sunday 4PM lesson!

  • Part-Time Piano Instructor Wanted!
    Feb23Comments 0

    Part-Time Piano Instructor Wanted!

    Nobu Sakurai Piano Studios is looking for a part-time Piano Instructor! Qualifications English (Required) Work…

  • Looking for new piano teacher!
    Apr19Comments 0

    Looking for new piano teacher!

    We are seeking a part-time piano teacher for group and semi-private lessons!

  • Virtual Lessons!
    Mar31Comments 0

    Virtual Lessons!

    Aloha! Our studio is doing virtual piano & Japanese lessons.  If you are bored staying…


Hear what we can do


We offer top-notch piano training at affordable monthly prices.

Still got questions? Read our Learning Philosophy, or take a tour of our studios.

Group Lessons
3 students of matching age. Our most popular type of lesson.
  • (4) 30-min. lessons
  • Group instruction
  • Classical music at skill level
  • Learn to read music
  • Personalized homework
  • Tracking of progress
  • Annual piano recital
  • Pearl City piano studio
Semi-Private Lessons
2 students matched by preference.
  • (4) 30-min. lessons
  • Semi-individual instruction
  • Classical or popular music
  • Learn to read music
  • Personalized homework
  • Tracking of progress
  • Annual piano recital
  • Pearl City piano studio
$170/2 students
Private Lessons
Any age and ability level
  • (4) 30-min. lessons
  • Individualized instruction
  • Classical or popular music
  • Learn to read music
  • Personalized homework
  • Tracking of progress
  • Annual piano recital
  • Pearl City piano studio
  • Custom scoring of fav. songs
Adult Twice-Monthly
Day classes to fit work schedules
  • (2) 30-min. lessons
  • Individualized instruction
  • Classical or popular music
  • Learn to read music
  • Personalized homework
  • Tracking of progress
  • Annual piano recital
  • Pearl City piano studio
  • Custom scoring of fav. songs
Learning piano as a family
can strengthen family bonds.
Check out our group classes.


Teaching music is not just our job; it’s our passion!
Meet our all-star team of teachers.

Nobu Sakurai
Nobu Sakurai

Education: BA in Piano Performance, University of San Diego Master of Education, Chaminade University of Honolulu Nobu was born and raised in Japan. After earning a college degree in English language in Nagasaki, she attended the University of San Diego to obtain a BA in piano performance. In October 2002, Nobu moved to Hawaii to begin teaching piano at Piano Outlet, simultaneously earning a M.Ed at Chaminade University of Honolulu. When Piano Outlet closed in March 2011, Nobu opened her very own studio in Pearl City. Some of her passions include classical music, musical theater, ballet, impressionism art, baking, and traveling. In 2012, Nobu recorded a commemorative CD of 12 classical piano pieces by her favorite composers.


“I am a firm believer that the benefits of music education extend beyond pure academics to give our children richer, more fulfilling and complete lives—a priceless gift.”

Arielle Hicks
Arielle Hicks
Head Teacher/Administrative Assistant

Arielle was born and raised in Upland, California. She started piano lessons at the age of
6 with the head organist and pianist of First United Reformed Church, Dorothy Doctor.
At 12, she received a scholarship to attend the Claremont School of Music under the
instruction of Dr. Maria Goodman where she continued her classical training. While
there, Arielle participated in the Music Teacher’s Association of California Certificate
of Merit Program two years in a row and received branch honors. In high school, Arielle
and her family moved to San Diego and was given another scholarship to study under
polish concert pianist Krzysztof Brzuza for advanced classical training. While with him,
she participated in her 3rd Certificate of Merit Program, again receiving branch honors,
which included a perfect score in performance. She also participated in several festivals
including the Junior Bach Festival, Sonata Festival, and Sonatina Festival, as well as
many recitals. Arielle moved back to her hometown of Upland and continued her
studies with Dr. Maria Goodman. During this time she was also the only student piano
accompanist for her high school choir at Western Christian Schools which received top
honors at the ACSI High School Choral Festival in San Francisco and Pasadena. After
graduating high school, Arielle continued her piano studies with the Dean of Music at
Azusa Pacific University, Dr. Joel Clifft. She also played the xylophone for her
highschool and college bands. In addition to the piano, she plays the guitar and enjoys
singing in her church choir and their ensemble. Her hobbies include reading, going to
the movies, and spending time with family and friends and her favorite dog, Diego.


It took me a few months after leaving Hawaii to reflect on how greatly my years of piano lessons with you has affected me. I have taken only one music course this semester, Music Theory and Musicianship, because I have been so set on becoming an Engineering Major. After a year of college and not being able to go to the piano rooms so often, I am considering becoming a Music Major. It isn't official yet, but that's most likely what I will end up doing at Whittier College. Music is something I truly love and I know I will be happy with a career in music, no matter what I may be doing with that degree. Thank you for everything you've taught me throughout the years.

Nicole Currently a student at Whittier College

I started taking lessons from Nobu Sakurai Piano Studios after two years of haphazard self-teaching. In my first month of lessons, I had learned more from them than I had in two years. Elated by this progress, I switched into private lessons for more instructional time. All of the instructors are excellent teachers and wonderful people, and under them I have been steadily progressing as a musician, even as I drift towards composing and music theory as an outlet towards my creativity. Everyone has the potential to be a musician, and Nobu Sakurai Piano Studios is where I developed mine.

Brandon NishimuraStudent at Damien Memorial SchoolTaking private Lessons since 2015

My daughter started piano at age 5 with Nobu at the former piano store at Pearl Highlands over 3 years ago.  We were devastated to hear the store was closing until Nobu told me she was opening her own studio.  My daughter loves taking lessons with Nobu - a huge plus to keep her motivated to both practice and to want to go to her lessons each week.  Nobu is great with kids and is also excited to see her students when they arrive.  I would be hard pressed to find another teacher who my daughter would love so much... I recommend her wholeheartedly.

Alina's DadNuuanu Elementary SchoolTaking private lessons for 4 years

We are so happy to be with Nobu’s studio!  Harley really enjoyed herself and Mr. Jensen was amazing. She was very nervous but she walked out feeling great and much nice things to say about him.




Harley's MomWaianaeTaking Private Lessons from Mr. Jensen for almost 6 months

Mrs. Nobu has been a blessing to us! My son has been taking 1:1 piano lessons from her since late 2011. Her talent and passion for music not only inspires my son to learn, it motivates him to be a better student! She pushes him to his potential, and is also always generous and timely with her compliments and acknowledgement of his accomplishments, big or small! As a parent, I love that about a teacher! And her style of teaching is reflected on the smile on my son's face after every lesson...

Dr. AlaimaloMother of SaundersFrom Pearl City

Ms. Nobu is a very good piano teacher. When my daughter’s previous teacher had moved away, I was having a hard time to find a new teacher for my daughter. However, Ms. Nobu gently understood the way my daughter used to learn piano, and then she took my daughter’s unfinished lesson books and continued to the end. My daughter could make transition very easily to Ms. Nobu. My daughter loves to see Ms. Nobu for lessons every Thursday and enjoys piano more than before. I am very thankful to Ms. Nobu.

Katelyn's MomFrom Hawaii Kai

"I enjoy playing the piano. Every morning, I get up and I want to go straight to the piano to play. It is fun! I have been taking piano lessons with Miss Nobu for almost five years. My mom wanted to change me to lessons closer to our house, but I wanted to stay with Miss Nobu. She is very enthusiastic and helps me get better."

ReyanPearl Ridge Elementary SchoolTaking group lessons for 5 years

I really like my class because Ms. Nobu is very friendly and she really knows the way to make you learn the piece you are working on. I also play violin and have joined the school orchestra. Because I play piano, it makes it so much easier to read notes and play violin.
My brother is also in the same class and we have been taking piano lessons together for 6 years now. We both enjoy Ms. Nobu’s class so much!

KevinMoanalua High SchoolTaking group lessons for 6 years with his brother

With my husband’s support, I was able to take private piano lessons for 3 years with Nobu at Piano Outlet. However, I stopped due to busy schedule at work and at home. Learning for me is never ending; age does not matter. Luckily, I was able to find Nobu’s studio again and once more, I am learning to play piano and enjoying every moment I touch the keyboard producing lovely sound of music. I give my thanks to my family for their support and to Nobu and Jensen – they are GREAT teachers with lots of love and patience to their students.

EvaEwa BeachTaking semi-private lessons with daughter Ruth for 2 years

Our son, Tyler, enjoys attending Mrs. Nobu Sakurai’s piano class because she is noticeably very compassionate in her ways of teaching piano. Mrs. Nobu is not only intelligent but also very organized and courteous. That is why we recommend Mrs. Nobu Sakurai for your kids or for you as your piano instructor.

Mr. and Mrs. UdarbeParents of TylerIolani School, '19

"I've been taking piano lessons from Nobu for about five years now and I've learned a lot since then. I like how she is able focus on a particular music genre based on my own interest. In my case, I enjoy listening and playing classical music. She is also able to work around my busy work and school schedule which makes it very convenient for me."

TobyFrom Pearl CityTaking Private lessons for 5 years

Ms. Nobu is very gentle and kind to me. When I have a hard time understanding, she explains it to me very easily and is understandable. She tells me how I can improve my technique. I love to go to her lessons every week!

KatelynSt. Andrews PrioryTaking private lessons at Honolulu Studio for over 1 year

I've always wanted to learn piano but was scared to try. With Jensen as my teacher I feel like I can learn anything. In only a few months I'm playing one of my favorite songs by Journey. I should have started a long time ago. Jensen is the man, and I would recommend him to anyone.

RusselPearl CityTaking Private Lessons from Mr. Jensen for six months

It is always fun to be able to play something I've heard in a movie or from a classical CD. Mrs. Nobu is a great teacher; she is always giving advice and pointing out details in which I could play a piece better. Along with teaching piano skills and techniques, she shows how fun and enjoyable playing the piano can be.



AndyIsland Pacific AcademyTaking private lessons for almost 3 years

I like Ms. Nobu - she makes learning the piano FUN and easy! I like that she is patient with me, always nice, tells me that 'I'm doing a good job', and gives me treats at the end of every lesson...:)





Saunders Our Lady of Good Counsel SchoolTaking private lessons for over 2 years

The reason I like Ms. Nobu is that she’s really patient with me. If I make a mistake, or if I need a little more time to learn things, she’s OK with it, and she’ll help me along the way!





KayceeMililani High SchoolTaking group lessons for 2 years

When I play piano, I feel like I’m in a better world, and I feel like I can do anything. Ms. Nobu has taught me a lot, and she makes piano class something fun that I can look forward to.





ElyshaKaleiopuu Elementary SchoolTaking Semi-private lessons for 3 years

I’m so happy that I decided to learn how to play the piano, even as a full-time working adult. I have found piano playing to be a therapeutic outlet from daily stressors that has helped to improve my memory and creativity. I’m glad to have found Nobu as a piano teacher. Nobu has a passion for music and teaching and an individualized approach to each student that continues to make learning how to play the piano enjoyable.


Dr. Alice UyTripler Medical CenterTaking Private Lessons at Honolulu Studio for 2 years

My two children started taking piano lessons at another studio when they were 4 and 5 years old. Their previous instructor was very impatient and at times rude. After about 8 months, I decided to give another piano studio a try. That was when I found Nobu Sakurai Piano Studios. Her patience and positive attitude made my children feel very welcoming and at ease. My children have been taking lessons from Mrs. Nobu for over a year now and I have seen tremendous progress in their music.

Shirley from HonoluluMother of Sammi (6) & Jordan (5)Taking Private Lessons at Honolulu Studio for almost 2 years

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