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Parents and kids learn together

Live piano music at all RYTHMIQUE sessions

Ms. Nobu familiarizes students with piano at an early age with live accompaniment.

RYTHMIQUE kids dance to learn

Children learn to count in 4/4 time using dance.

Semi-private lessons, 2 students

In semi-private classes, two students share a lesson and enjoy individualized instruction.

Top-of-the-line pianos

Enjoy some of the best in-studio pianos on Oahu, including our beautiful Boston Grand.

A beautiful, modern studio

Even the waiting room is nice at Nobu's Pearl City studio.

Nobu works with students one-on-one

Nobu takes time to assess the skill level of each student to custom-tailor lesson plans.

Nobu's students featured on OC16

Nobu's students were featured on Tiny TV, a statewide television show on OC16.

Focused private lessons

Our creative students love working with Mr. Jensen. He specializes in transcribing and teaching popular music.

Affordable group classes

Students in our affordable group classes work on state-of-the-art Yamaha Calvinova and Arius weighted keyboards.

Group classes, 3-4 students

In group classes, students who are around the same age learn as a group. Students benefit from group dynamics, and parents enjoy an affordable rate.

Our students love Nobu

Nobu teaches students to enjoy the challenge of mastering a difficult piece.