-From my piano journal-

Konnichi wa, Sensei!

Before I start to practice piano for today, I just wanted to share with you a little of what I wrote in my piano journal yesterday after my lesson.

“Lately when I go to lesson early, my teacher is playing—probably the piece she is working on for homework from her own piano lesson.  I love to watch her through the lace that covers the glass door to the practice room.

Much like her idol, Lang Lang, her hands are lifted gracefully up in the air, then glides back down to the keyboard, like a ballet dancer’s hand–only to take off into the air again, like a bird in flight.

It is such a wonderful experience to see and hear her playing live.  I also listen to her play on her cd, called “Reverie,” which I listen to nearly every day.  I am so inspired to practice myself, when I listen to her play.”

Thank you for being the muse to all your students!


P.S. Watching you play is like seeing poetry in motion.  🙂