We are thrilled to announce that we will begin our conversational Beginner’s Japanese class on March 2nd (Saturday) @5:00 PM! We still have some more space in the class for other students grades 1-12 to join. We teach the Japanese language through conversation and culture!

Students will learn in a “stress-free” environment and will enjoy themselves in addition to learning a lot about the Japanese language and culture. Additionally, this class is a unique opportunity to study with other students from different grades in the same class! Given the high number of Japanese speakers in Hawaii, as well as its relevance in a variety of subjects and fields, it would be great for your child to learn conversational Japanese! The price is very reasonable, too; $60/month for 4 one hour classes. We hope that we’ll get some more students!

If you are interested in enrolling in our class, please contact us at 808-636-0143 or email us at nobusakuraillc@gmail.com!